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How to receive Blessings from God ?
Receiving blessings from God should be an uncomplicated and automated process. Unfortunately for many of us this becomes the most difficult task to achieve. 

Imagine for a moment, yourself for a moment winning the first prize in a lucky draw competition. Now if you do not surrender your winning ticket and claim the prize, no one is going to give it to you on their own. If you do not claim it within a certain period then you have lost that opportunity.


Claim your blessings

God’s blessings from God are already yours to receive.  You just need to claim this precious prize. Many are not even aware that they have won the prize ! In our daily running about in this world to make ends meet, we neglect to stop and think of what we have won. I want to stress to you again and again that God has already poured out His blessings on you. It is only when we begin to stop thinking negatively and cease to moan about our problems that we can begin to recognise our blessings.


Be Available for God

We need to spend quality time with God. To build up our relationship with Him. Do you spend time with Him ? Are you so caught up with your job, career, family, health etc. that you do not have time to come into His presence ? Let me tell you this Friend. If you do not give time to God, He will not give you time. Can you imagine what it will feel like when God tells you this. Its very scary. Therefore be available for him, spend some time with him, start with a few minutes everyday and then slowly increase the time. It will be difficult at first because your natural self tells you to forget about this and concentrate on your other activities instead. Or perhaps you are too sleepy in the morning to wake up 30 minutes earlier. But if you persevere and say NO to the devil, you will soon start to experience God’s blessings in your life.


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